Wave News for 15 September

In this week there has been some interesting blogs about Google Wave and Enterprise.

  • The Fedone Book has been created by James Purser. It contains a description on how to install the example wave server and getting started with using it.
  • GoogleWaveBlogger has created a blog about Google Wave + Google Voice = The Holy Grail. He gives ideas on how a mashup of Wave and Voice could be. With this post in mind, it looks like Wave can be mashed up with many different technologies to make new killer apps.
  • A wave forum has also been created, where it is possible to talk about Wave applications and usages.
  • Dagfinn Parnas has created a SAP Blog about how to embed waves in SAP enterprise portals. This gives some really nice examples on the usage of wave in portals.
  • Talking about embedding Waves in pages, I wrote a blog about embedding Wave in wordpress. The story was picked up by Mashable and also on other sites.
  • The last I found was an example on a robot to integrate with Salesforce. The blog by Kyle Roche, is a tutorial which go in details with how to create the robot. I like the API to Salesforce; it looks really easy to get started with compared to using Webservices.
  • A wave hackathon was held in Copenhagen, I blogged about it and it was also written on Version2 a Danish media.
  • DJ Adams has also created an example on how Wave can call a SAP REST service to get data about transports.
  • Process-One made a demo of their Wave server. It should be implemented in Erlang and had realtime updates between users. So users can see each other’s key stroke as they type. The UI is not as impressive as Googles but Process One have probably been working on the protocol. They are using the ejabberd to the XMPP/Wave communication and it looks promising. Their server could be one of the first third-party wave servers created.

If you have any comments or know any post that I have missed, please comment on this post.

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2 thoughts on “Wave News for 15 September”

  1. The Fedone Book by James Pusher is awesome. He really did a great job. I linked it on my forums in the Wave Server section as a must read and for now should be taken as the bible for building a Wave Server.

  2. I have joined Google Wave Blogger’s forum 🙂 hope it gets good audience 🙂

    both of us blogged about google wave plugin for wordpress way earlier than Mashable, but their post got more exposure, and ranks better than ours now 😀

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