Google Wave annotations

Annotations ( is a key concept to understand, when you are developing robots, how should understand the content of a robot.

I have created a screencast, where I show how the annotations are changed because of the editing.

I have found the following types of annotations.

  • user/d/key identifies that the user is on the blib and is in edit mode
  • user/e/key identifies where the users cursor is only the from selection counts.
  • user/r/key identifies the selection the user has created with start and end. The user will still have his curser at a place in the blip.
  • style/fontWeight identify if the selection is bold
  • style/textDecoration can be used to add line through
  • style/color is the color of the selected text
  • lang identifies the language of a region. There can be multiply different languages in a blip.

There are probably a number of different style markings, which you will have to find your self.

Key is probably a hash of the user address.

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  1. Thanks for this.

    One odd thing I’ve noticed is that heading styles (eg H1, H2, H3, etc) aren’t given an annotation. That’s a shame as sections of content marked with these are normally the most significant.

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