3 thoughts on “Earning money on Google Wave applications”

  1. Great blog. Very few resources on the web to understand wave. Few comments on monetization –

    Unless wave gets good traction in enterprise market, its hard to see third party developers making money off it. To succeed with a Freemium model, the gadget/robot has to provide a service that is tough to replicate. If not, somebody else will build it for free. Your idea with gadgets/robots/adsense sounds interesting.

  2. The robot should likely be able to recognize who the other participants of the wave are… I noticed an oAuth jar in the Java robot code… You think the Freemium model is already possible at the robot level?

  3. Egon, I think freemium is possible for creating robots. They contain a lot of code which is not showed. For Gadgets it could prove much harder, because everyone can see all the used code.

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