Earning money on Google Wave applications

I was talking to Kenneth Joni Jørgensen from Greenclickmedia.dk about how Pay per click options in Google Wave. Kenneth is an expert in creating media campaigns for customers. I talked to Kenneth on how to make money on creating ads in pages.

When I’m going to develop applications to Google Wave, they will probably be supported with a Freemium model. Freemium products have two features a basis and a premium. The basis products purpose is to get people hooked on the service. It will be limited in some features and maybe supported by ads. The paying model will be ad free and have some other extra functions that will appeal to the users like more space or better security. This is the same model Google is using for Apps for my domain, where you can get the service free. With the free version you get ads on your mail. You can also select the paid version, which costs $50 a year. For this amount you get some extra functionalities regarding single singon and no ads.

We where first looking at the wave screen. With the current layout it does not look like there is space for ads like on their search or gmail pages. Google will probably find a place to put the ads, in a way so it will blend into the design.

If you develop an application, which you would like to have some money for you can insert advertisings. A way would be on insert AdSense into the pages. It could be possible to insert AdSense into gadgets like showed in the blog Gadget and Robots interaction. AdSense is just a Javascript, which should be inserted on a page and then it will show the ads. This integration should be fairly simple.

One issue with AdSense is if you are allowed to put the ads on Waves. I’m not sure how own the content, when it is hosted on Google’s servers. Is it Google or the participants in the Wave. I cann’t find any information if you are allowed to set ads on other pages than your own.

AdSense has currently products for Mobile or video, it will make sense also to make a Wave version. This way Google will still make money, and the developer can make money. If the developers can make money on their apps, they will develop more applications.

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Daniel Graversen

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3 thoughts on “Earning money on Google Wave applications”

  1. Great blog. Very few resources on the web to understand wave. Few comments on monetization –

    Unless wave gets good traction in enterprise market, its hard to see third party developers making money off it. To succeed with a Freemium model, the gadget/robot has to provide a service that is tough to replicate. If not, somebody else will build it for free. Your idea with gadgets/robots/adsense sounds interesting.

  2. The robot should likely be able to recognize who the other participants of the wave are… I noticed an oAuth jar in the Java robot code… You think the Freemium model is already possible at the robot level?

  3. Egon, I think freemium is possible for creating robots. They contain a lot of code which is not showed. For Gadgets it could prove much harder, because everyone can see all the used code.

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