Designing robots

I was just trying to design a robot that I would like to show for a demo. I needed somehow way to describe how the robot would interact with the user.

As so many other times I found the Whiteboard very useful. With the whiteboard is it possible draw with different colors for each participant. By using this method it will be possible to see the resulting Wave. The resulting wave will give an impression if the content is sufficient.

I would expect that use cases also could be an option, but they would focus more on with what the participants interacted with, not on how the result looked. The use case design is probably still a good idea, to make sure that all interactions are covered,

Designing such an interacting robot, might be involve many participants. It would be idea if the users cold design the resulting wave, by using Google Wave as the collaborative tool. They should probably create a wavelet, they could collaborate on and one where they could sketch the resulting wave.

Do you know of any modeling tools or methods, which could be prove useful for designing robots?



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  1. you need to write more tutorials like this, this is the thing of the future, soon more and more people would want to write robots for google wave

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