Google Wave and HR

Wave is really interesting especially on how it can be used in organizations. One way is in the HR processes. Some parts of HR is ordering a lot of unstructured conversations. They could be hiring processes or performance reviews. The other part of HR is hard facts like name, addressee, organizational position and salary. The hard facts need to be kept in a ERP or HR system because they are needed to create payrolls or reports.

The first part of HR, which deals with a lot of unstructured data, is a prime candidate for using Google Wave space. People involved can collaborate easy with each other and see changes. Also it is possible to have private conversations in the Wave, this allows to participates to discuss the other persons involvement. I could imagine this will be helpful in a hiring process, where applicant is part of one wavelet, while people involved in the hiring also is a part of the other.

I found Sakib Khan’s blog about Google Wave, Collaboration and HR as a great starting point for researching, if Google Wave can be used in HR processes.

Jeff Schwartzman has lot of ideas on how Wave can be used in the different processes for HR. This was quite interesting. Jeff highlights some different processes which could benefit from using Google wave. It looks like there are a large number of ideas of how Wave can be applied to the HR process.

The article Google Wave and HR is focusing on how the HR should help with educating the organization. A lot of learning should happen in the process of implementing wave. It will not be a good thing to have discussions, showed in the wrong context or shared with the wrong people.

I have created a short demo of a hiring process, where the applicant sends CV the data using a Wave. There is a conversation with the HR manager, which also can talk with a department head.

I’m not an HR expert, but I have been both recruiting and recruiting some times.

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