An example where Google Wave is the right tool

I was talking to a friend yesterday. He is a PR person working in a political environment.

One of his tasks was to make a brochure with a description of a large venue. The venue is a collaboration between multiply political organizations in the area.

His first task was to clear his draft with his own organization. This took some time to write and find the right voice and communication. Then he had to clear the content with the other organizations. When one of the organizations got their homepage on the brochure, all the others also wanted to have their homepage on as well.

To make matters worse the brochure had to go through a graphical person, so the result of the revisions was displayed like the will be in the final brochure.

If could use Google Wave for the process. He could a have created a Wave with his proposed content. When the content was cleared in his organization, he could create a new wave with the result. The new wave could then be shared with the other organizations, and they could agree on the text. They could see what each other wanted to correct and comment on these changes.

It will not be possible to use have the graphical layout created in the Wave. But if everybody is sure about the content, then it would only be the graphical layout which needed to be discussed. If wave also was used for this, then it would be easier to agree on the changed that was required.

So if my friend and his organization were able to use Google Wave they could collaborate easier and probably also save some meetings.



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