OptimizePress 2.0 awesome features and review

OptimizePress has just launched its completely theme, known as OptimizePress 2. 0.For those of you whom haven´t heard of OptimizePress yet, it is just a WordPress theme that is extremely customized while in the needs of online marketers´ web pages.

This is a WordPress Theme, but it´s also a Plugin! OptimizePress 2. 0 comes in both WordPress Theme as well as WordPress plugin formats, so anyone can use OptimizePress as a plugin by using any WordPress website no matter what theme that you’re using, thus developing personalized sales pages and landing webpages while keeping your current blog intact. This theme comes with a lot of interesting functions for instance:

LiveEditor – OptimizePress 2. 0 comprises of the “LiveEditor” procedure, which allows you to build custom made pages while using layouts you want, including:

  • Choose the quantity of columns you want to make use of.
  • Add rows with different color backgrounds or perhaps background graphics.
  • Use Component to incorporate a huge range of components for your page.
  • Drag and also Drop Elements to different columns – arrange ones elements to fit your own style and design.
  • Add custom made code around elements.
  • Drag and also drop rows – move rows down and up your pages to re-arrange ones content.
  • Typography may be evolved – choose from many Google fonts and change the particular font sizing, design as well as coloration of any text.

 Element Browser catalogue – The Element Browser catalogue comprises of all the most popular components you’d probably requirement for any internet marketing website or perhaps landing page which include:

  • Feature Boxes – add features to your web page and illustrate all of them with icons.
  • Delay Content material – any kind of component on your page to appear after the time you select.
  • Navigation – anyone can drop in navigation sidebars anywhere on your page as well as pull menus immediately through WordPress.
  • Bullet – add styled bullet lists plus choose from a huge range of icons for your bullets.
  • Headlines – Choose from numerous heading styles including underlines and shaded backgrounds.
  • Audio and Video players – insert your own audio tracks or even video or make use of video clip coming from Youtube.
  • Buttons – choose from pre-designed buttons and also use the custom button creator to generate unique CSS buttons.
  • Opt-in – add opt-in boxes at any place on your page and select from many custom layouts.
  • Many more functions including – guarantee containers, purchase boxes, arrows, content toggles, live search containers, Facebook comment forms, WordPress comments, Recommendations, Pricing Tables and many a lot of more…


Custom Membership and Product Distribution Characteristics – It’s important to deliver your products and solutions in the personalized approach, sleek looking members area. OptimizePress 2. 0 helps it be a lot easier than ever to create a completely personalized members area as well as secure your content material from undesirable visitors:

  • Membership Template Process – signifies you can effortlessly organise your content into products and solutions or memberships having categories, subcategories as well as tutorial pages.
  • Built-in Protection – Use the included Membership wordpress plugin that succeeds solely by using OptimizePress to secure your posts, webpages as well as written content including protected file downloads.
  • Integrate by using almost all key platforms including Paypal, Clickbank, Authorize. net and Infusionsoft to take payments plus deliver your own members to a secure members area.
  • Create completely custom Members areas while using member’s program elements including web page listings.
  • Create custom membership sidebars for any internet page, so each page of your membership is usually distinct.

More of its features

  • Autoresponder/Mailing Listing Service Integrations. API Level integration considering the top rated autoresponder and subscriber list providers such as Aweber, iContact, Mailchimp, OfficeAutopilot, Infusionsoft, Campaign Monitor and more. You can also make use of custom form code if you desire or even include your own opt-in form results emailed to you.
  • GoToWebinar Integration. Send out your opt-ins straight to GotoWebinar to register them for a webinar, as well as include them to a autoresponder list at the same time.
  • Complete Launch. Now you can create launch funnels to your product or service launches and set up several funnels for different products on the same site.
  • Save Your own Webpages as Presets. Make use of the Preset and also Duplicate features to replicate your webpages on your own website so that you can design and style after and recycle that design to help keep your own pages looking constant.
  • Personalized Navigation. Now you no-longer end up being bound to the same navigation bar throughout your webpages. Each web page you create with the LiveEditor will surely have individual menus – just simply generate them inside the WordPress menus system and then pick them about each web page you set up.
  • Export Your Designs as Templates. Anyone can upload your own pages as templates as well as share them.
  • Included Web themes. The particular theme comes with around 30 pre-made web themes to choose from. You can click on to be able to edit anything on the page, or perhaps include more elements from the Element Browser to feature much more functionality.

Fully Responsive. OptimizePress 2. 0 automatically produces thoroughly responsive webpages for you when you without any additio nal work.You can purchased OptimizePress and then get our free optimizemigration tool that will let almost automate the process with you existing theme and migrate to optimizepress 2.0 without re-typing your contents over again. To avail with this service simply purchase optimizepress with this (link) and then send us the receipt and we will send you the optimizepress migration as we promise. Check out more about OptimizePress Migration here!

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The Last Google Wave game, High speed memory game

Since Google is stopping the development on Google Wave, there is not a lot of meaning in continue to develop apps for wave. The number of users is probably not large and there will not be a lot of new members that will join.

We at masteringwave and Figaf.com have spend the last year developing different examples of gadgets and robots to show what Wave can be used for. We had a project that was almost done, some extra futures could be applied, but the game is perfectly playable.

So I’m happy to announce Match ‘n Dash as memory game that lets you play memory against your peers. It is quite fun to use and I hope you get around to try it.

You can find the installer at this wave. I hope you get to try it.

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Google Stop development of Wave

I just read the article Wave Goodbye To Google Wave. It is such a shame that it had to go like that. It also ties to what the shiny wave wrote a while ago, that I did not get to respond to. The idea that nothing new was released at IO2010 or not enough could have something to do with it.

It seems like Wave stopped being hyped when everybody got on, and could not find a way to use wave. And when nobody responded to waves it seemed like everything just stopped. I guess the live typing was not enough to get people to be attracted to the application.

I guess that working on bold new ideas can have some draw back. For Google it could have made it a large upside with the investment in Wave. It could attract people to the Apps and thereby get more people to switch form Exchange to Gmail.

For me how has been trying to develop applications for Google Wave it has been going down for a long time. I guess that you do not need to be the first to create applications and plugins for a new platform. But it is something like the chicken and the egg, Wave could not be successful without a thriving ecosystem of software vendors.

I’m not sure what is going to happen to the blog. I guess it does not make a lot of sense to continue to write. I will admit that the blog has not been active for a long time. I also stopped being interested and have time to write about wave.

image by http://www.flickr.com/photos/ladybeames/2896787167

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Ground-breaking Wave-based Forum

A great way to make communication more ground-breaking is through creating an open-source web-based forum. And, this is why wave developers are being sought upon as a way to help create and develop more killer applications most especially for Wave.

In fact, it has already begun. The Google Wave Team aims to continue developing more powerful and better extensions for running forums in wave. And, to take it to the next level, the team aspires to incorporate tested features from forums into a robot which in effect can make Google Wave as the ultimate platform for forum-based discussions.

The objective is, improve Wave through incorporating forum which can encourage users to utilize it for other purposes instead of sticking to which is traditional.

And, according to David Crane, an external Wave developer working on the Debatewise Extension, there are three specific areas which need further developing, namely…

(a)    Objective: To enable people go hand in hand around a theme of their choice and help find waves of interest. Tasks: Group waves around disciplines.

(b)   Objective: To encourage and reward participation in conversations. Tasks: Stir in the levels of participation rates and privileges and the likes.

(c)    Objective: To establish mechanisms so people can decide who to invoke or ignore. Tasks: List of all user messages and their classification in the community.

Python, Java and Javascript developers, QA testers and anyone with interest in forum software are invited to join. The project is structured by Debatewise.org, a non-profit debating web site which aims to be the Wikipedia of debate. For those who are interested, contact dh.crane@googlewave.com.

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Google Docs Improved, Will this Affect Wave?

A new version of Google Documents is now on its transition process and a list of better features are presented to the public for a more developed data management. Here are a few to mention:

Real-time collaboration

In this new addition, users are allowed to see updates from other collaborators as they do changes or editing in a specific document on a real-time basis. This feature is very helpful especially in situations when problems occur.

Higher quality imports

There is a better consistency of importing from a desktop into Google Docs. Scanning through files is no longer a hassle.

Communication through Chat

This is the most exciting part with the new version of Google Docs. As a user makes changes, he or she can communicate with other collaborators through the use of chat within the document itself.


Google documents have a ruler for setting margins, indentations, and tab stops.

These improved features above make Google Docs a lot more fun to use, however, many might be asking now if this innovation will affect Wave.

Is this going to be good for wave or will this mean that wave is no longer up for use? Or, does this mean Google Docs will gain better advantage over wave when it comes to collaboration?

Despite of these uncertainties, what’s good about this is that there are still remarkable differences between the two. One to point out is Docs doesn’t have the ability to work with robots which Wave is capable of doing.

Many might suggest that it may possibly be more interesting if Docs becomes a client of Wave. This way, collaborators can edit documents using Wave or vice versa, which really makes integration and work collaboration easier and faster.

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